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MS Office

File Storage - Onedrive
Paper Writing - Word
Slides - Powerpoint
Circuit Diagrams - Visio
Note Taking - Onenote

Onedrive Setup (everyone)
We'll use Onedrive for all research, literature survey and simulation results. Here is how to get started:
    1. Login to Onedrive for Business using your Purdue email credentials. Or create an account, if required.
    2. Create a Folder with your name. Share it with
    3. Include Onedrive in your Windows Explorer. Onedrive Download Link, in case you need it.
    4. Now you should have the shared folder mapped inside your windows explorer. This may not work on ECN machines.

Guidelines: Please use the folder structure already present in the shared folder. Use this for research work including simulation setup files. However, do not save large results files >30 MB (e.g. HFSS result files, large ADS files) in this folder. Setup the simulation files directory to something local on the computer you are using.  

Q. How do I collaborate online ?
A. Use Onenote to keep track of Goals and Progress.  

    1. Please date and name each folder (see example) and keep your work. 
    2. Use the Onenote to find and keep track of Goals and Next Steps. Once you are done with next steps, check the checkbox and save the results in the folders. 
    3. Please save the design files and powerpoints but do not save the extremely large files (e.g. 500MB). Based on the results and progress Prof. Sen will add next steps to the Onenote.

Install Onedrive
Download Onedrive. Download Link

Onedrive Business not Syncing (not yet needed)
You might have to switch account. Solution here

Q. Microsoft Office Softwares + Online Folders
A. You account comes with office 365 access. Sign up here . This will give you access to important office softwares on your office PC + upto total of 5 devices. You also have 1 TB of online storage. We'll use this as a collaboration space and keep all project related documents. If you need another online backup service, use Boiler Backpack (100 GB free) Boilerbackpack. Typical softwares that we use     
  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel
  • Onenote
  • Onedrive
  • Visio
Install Visio (only when you start drawing circuit diagrams)
Creating shapes in Excel and Importing in ppt (e.g. modulated sine wave)
Create in Excel. 
Copy to powerpoint using Paste Special (EMF) 
Right Click: Edit Picture
Right Click: Ungroup
Change Width

Equations Numbering in Word