Q. I'm new here. What do I need to get started ?

A. You'll need:
  • Purdue ID
  • Purdue Account
  • ECN Account (Payroll Office + ECN in MSEE)
  • Computer (contact Prof. Sen)
  • Wang 2054 Lab Keys (ask Prof. Sen for access, when granted, send an email to Steve and ask for a WANG 2054 key & after hour access fob)
  • Install Software (see below)
  • VPN connection (only for laptops)
Q. How do I install Relevant Software ?

A. After you have your Purdue account, you need to submit a ticket by clicking Request ECN Support » at with a list of softwares you need. They will provide a link with all the software. Install them as soon as possible as the link will expire in 3-5 days. Typical Software that our lab requires are
  • Matlab - install all toolbox
  • HFSS (ANSYS Electronics Desktop) - latest version
  • ADS
  • Cadence (in Linux)
You'll get a message like the this, from ECN that will guide you through the installation process. 

Q. What are the travel policies ?

A. Applicable for Ph.D. students. You can find them here. General guidelines for our Lab is to minimize expense within reasonable bounds whenever possible. By doing so, you or some other member of the lab can travel to one more place, which is significant more value addition.

Q. Printers 

A. Faculty and Staff (only): Refer to ECN on adding VPS printers.
    (as of May 1, 2017) 

    \\\msee270p1 - Dee Dee Office B&W

    \\\msee270p2 - Dee Dee Office Color

    After Password Change: Windows Search --> Manage Network Password --> Update ecnprint05 password. Go to \\\ using explorer. Add printer.

    Students: Please update how you print. 
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